Water Regulations



While water exchanges (balloons, squirt guns, hoses, etc.) between parade contestants and spectators has been a long-standing tradition at the Token Creek Parade, the increase in water in the past few years has become a problem, especially water balloons. Officials from the Town of Burke, parade contestants and spectators have voiced their concerns to the parade organizing committee so we would like to set forth the following rules.


***While we still welcome water squirt guns, please leave your water balloons at home. We have received multiple complaints about the injury to individuals and damage to property cause by water balloons.***


Your safety is our #1 concern!


1)For spectators:

  • No Water Balloons.

  • Only squirt water at parade contestants that are actively squirting water at you.

  • DO NOT squirt water on any parade entry that is not engaged in a water exchange with you.

  • Do not initiate a water exchange; only respond when water is directed toward you.

  • DO NOT run into the street; squirt water from behind the curb

  • Be considerate of those around you.


2) For Parade Entries

  • No Water Balloons.

  • Please do not broadcast water over large crowds of people, direct your assault only at only those wishing to be engaged.

  • DO NOT direct water anywhere near the Judges Tent or at any of the electronics used to broadcast sound (speakers etc.)


These rules are intended to ensure the safety and enjoyment of parade participants and spectators. Violation of the rules by parade entrants may result in a ban to entry in future years; violation by spectators or entrants may result in a total ban of ALL water in future years or even permanent cancellation of the July 4 event.